Friday 29 Aug 2014
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The offspring of a customized orbiter
FRESHWATER FISH Here the whole list of Freshwater Fish Aquarium cataloged in alphabetical order. Each page of the card has the photo of Aquarium Fish Freshwater and a text with a description of the species.
MARINE FISH Here the whole list of Marine Aquarium Fishes cataloged in alphabetical order. Each page of the card has a picture of the species of fish for Aquarium Water Marina is a text with a description of the species.
INVERTEBRATES Here's list of all aquarium Invertebrates cataloged in alphabetical order. Each page of the card has a picture of the species Invertebrates and a text with a description of the species.
AQUATIC PLANTS A major attraction for those who want an aquarium and 'the view of a bathtub full of dense aquatic vegetation including brightly colored fish dart. Here you can choose the right plant for your aquarium, visiting the many cards with photos and descriptions.
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Preparation marine aquarium

 article: Preparation marine aquarium

Apply for the marine aquarium the same standards set for tropical freshwater aquarium. Even the construction materials on the marine environment are very similar to those for the freshwater aquarium, but must pay attention to different aspects of the operation.

The choice of the tank and water.
The size of the marine aquarium is more problematic than that of the freshwater tank. The freshwater fish are able to tolerate the changed conditions in their pristine waters caused by the alternation of dry and rainy seasons. The marine fish do not need such adaptability, because the sea is probably the more stable environment of our planet. So to minimize the effects of any change in the marine water aquarium, you should use a tank as large as possible, bearing in mind the need for a large area of ​​water surface. The smaller tank must have at least a capacity of about 100 liters of water or, according to another point of view, must have at least the size of 91x30x38 cm. You should pay attention to the materials of the tank, no metal parts come into contact with aquarium water, and because the saltwater is highly corrosive, and because each metal that is dissolved is likely to be very toxic to fish. Whilst you can use natural seawater, is much better than the hobbyist uses a patented mixture of many brands for salt water. Mixtures of salts are all artificial reliable, provided that it follow exactly the instructions of the manufacturer, it is important that it is used the entire amount of the mixture of salts to ensure the correct distribution of trace elements. You must prepare the mixtures in non-metallic containers (buckets or plastic cans or tanks) which must be used for storing water salty, highly aerated, before pouring it into the aquarium. We must prove the specific gravity (the temperature at which you must use water) and adjust it accordingly, removing or adding fresh water to salt than to increase it, which is also leaving the excess water to evaporate naturally.

Methods for rearing marine fish.
We breed marine fish in two opposite ways: the natural system and clinical system artificially. The natural system relies on animals such as corals and sponges filter edges and dense groups of algae to purify water, are not covered by artificial means and the base of gravel, if present, must be very low. On all surfaces of rocks and walls of the pool in this case present nitrifying bacteria. The clinical system artificial, involves every known means, mechanical and chemical, for maximum hygiene: powerful filters that do not leave anything in the store tank; sterilization with ultraviolet and ozone bleaching (oxygenation) of each line item in the aquarium as corals and rocks, before use it, the pool must also contain very little gravel to prevent any pollution from uneaten food. These methods require a deep understanding of biological processes in the first case, and sophisticated equipment in the second. The clinical system also involves a heavy artificial financial burden. Fortunately you can find a compromise between the two systems, that is neither too technical nor too expensive. Often called semi-natural, depends on its good site * from the biological filter and under gravel is the most used by marine aquarium enthusiasts. The filter is the first equipment to be put in the tub when the is prepared, followed by a thick layer of material (at least 7-8 cm) on the base; material consists of three layers selected: crustaceans crushed immediately above the filter, then sand of coral crushed and finally a surface layer of silica sand. Once the elements arranged with ornamental rocks or pieces of dead coral or sea fans, who before being placed, should be thoroughly cleaned, you can install the heating system, then a protein skimmer in one part of the basin where dimensions, but you must put into action only when the tank is well established with its population of fish. When the tub is full, run the heating, lighting and filtration. As you must allow time to mature freshwater aquarium, so you must do to the marine aquarium. Since there is no visible sign that the process of maturation is completed, we must resort to simple scientific evidence. The pH must remain stable at about 8.3, according to the instructions of the manufacturer of the mixture of the salts, but the most important test regards nitrites, which indicate the presence of ammonia and other nitrogen compounds toxic. The level of nitrite is initially high but gradually decreases as it matures the basal layer that acts as a biological filter. During the maturation process of the aquarium you should not use the protein skimmer. Once the nitrite levels are decreased, the aquarium is ready to welcome its first guests.
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